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Alton Towers
Alton Towers, Alton, Staffordshire, ST10 4DB,

Telephone: 0871 222 3330
Checkins 147,712 Checkins
Likes 1,222,058 Likes

Alton Towers

Escape to the fantabulous world of the Alton Towers Resort - there's so much going on, the fun never stops! Home to Britain's most-loved theme park with great kids attractions, white-knuckle roller coaster rides, special events and much, much more, Alton Towers Resort is the perfect destination for the whole family!

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Profile Image Emma Newton , 24/08/2010;


Profile Image Sassy Thomas , 28/02/2011;

Book your tickets online to save 20% on ticket prices!!

Profile Image Ryan Goodwin , 26/03/2010;

Ride Enterprise, its right next to Oblivion ;]

Profile Image Ricky Smithson , 02/11/2012;

But a Merlin annual pass. They are worth it!

Profile Image Jason O' Brien , 29/05/2010;

Get the £6 drink beaker, free top ups all day! Bring a change of shoes, socks & jeans!! You will get wet!

Profile Image Ambar Hamid , 05/09/2011;

You guys gotta try Thirteen. Absolutely awesome ride!! Very unexpected! Give it go!

Profile Image Neil Browning , 02/09/2011;

The scariest thing about Alton Towers are the wasps.

Profile Image Andy OBrien , 21/09/2010;

Air = awesome

Profile Image Ian Beech , 19/09/2010;


Profile Image Vic Casambros , 25/02/2010;

I wanna ride the new Thirteen ride!

Profile Image Jeanette Milward , 24/07/2011;

Do an truely awsome firework display around Halloween/Bonfire Night

Profile Image Dave Johnson , 23/07/2011;

If you go a lot, buy yourself an annual pass. If bought at the right time of the year, it can last you TWO SEASONS. Pays for itself in 2-3 visits, saves you 20% on merchandise, gifts and food, earns y

Profile Image Kenley Arndt , 18/09/2013;

Don't be alarmed. Track pants are a fashion item here.

Profile Image Oriol Carbonell Lluch , 14/05/2013;

Incredible park!!! It's worth it, so if you have the opportunity to go there, go!! They've really "Disney-friendly" employees and that's incredible for a park with 2.3M visitors/year. Great rides :O

Profile Image Mazen AlHarbi , 28/04/2013;

Don't forget to take the Nemesis, air , oblivion and Rita ?

Profile Image Richard Giles , 09/04/2012;

A long queue for Nemesis Sub-Terra? Don't bother, it is an absolute waste of time.

Profile Image Rose , 05/09/2011;

Run round, go on as many rides as you can, have a wicked day, get someone else to drive you home and fall asleep in the car... works every time :)

Profile Image Bob V , 19/10/2013;

Ik you need an ATM, don't use the one in front of the entrance since it charges £1,75, there are 3 ATM's direct after the turnstiles on the left with NO charges! :)

Profile Image Adam Cooke , 24/07/2013;

Security and park management are absolutely diabolical. Rapidly going down hill and hopefully will be going bust sometime soon. Absolutely appalling!

Profile Image Ian Hudson , 26/05/2013;

The all day food wristband isn't worth buying really but the platinum fast track pass is well worth it! We managed to get on everything with the longest wait 10 minits

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