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ZSL London Zoo
London Zoo,Outer Circle, London, London, NW1 4RY,

Telephone: 0207 772 3333
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ZSL London Zoo

With over 720 animal species, exciting and innovative new exhibits and heritage-listed buildings almost as famous as their inhabitants, ZSL London Zoo it's a great day out in the capital for visitors of all ages and sizes.

Penguin Beach is the latest exhibit launched in 2011. Recreating a South American beach landscape in the heart of London, the new exhibit is home to stunning colonies of around 100 Macaroni and Humboldt penguins. A larger pool with underwater viewing areas allows our visitors to see how our flippered friends fly under the waves. 

Come face to face with a whole host of animals at the Amphitheatre with our Animal in Action display. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained as they show off their flying, leaping and climbing skills. Then, make your way down to the display lawn to catch a glimpse of some amazing birds in flight. Hunters and scavengers demonstrate their skills at finding and catching food in our free-flying display.

Enter London's only living rainforest with a lush vegetation and warm tropical mist and go on a journey high into the treetops to meet a variety of amazing rainforest species including marmosets and tamarins, sloths and a tamandua.

With Gorilla Kingdom, the serenity of the African forest arrived to the urban jungle. If you are feeling adventurous take the gorilla tracking trail and wind your way around the African forest environment. You will get breathtakingly close to our colony of western lowland gorillas!

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Profile Image HISTORY UK , 15/02/2011;

London Zoo was opened for Fellows of the Zoological Society of London in 1828, only opening to the public in 1847 to aid funding. It currently houses 755 species of animal.

Profile Image Louis Vuitton , 30/05/2012;

The Snowdon Aviary at London Zoo was co-designed by the Earl of Snowdon, husband of HRH The Princess Margaret. The swans, officially owned by the Crown, fly freely on the canal next door!

Profile Image Nasser T , 30/08/2013;

????? ????? ????? ????? ??????? ??????? ??????

Profile Image James Wren , 18/01/2010;

Book tickets online and get fast track entry.

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Profile Image Naomi Mundhenke , 30/07/2010;


Profile Image Bethany Spence , 15/09/2010;

The oasis cafe is really expensive but the brownie melts in your mouth!

Profile Image Elmer Zinkhann , 07/06/2011;

The old/classic penguin hideout is beautiful without the penguins :)

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Profile Image Robin Allenson , 29/04/2011;

Search app store for London Zoo app. GPS map of zoo & animal facts.

Profile Image The Loose Wires (TinMantis) , 23/03/2011;

Apparently, they're planning a breakout tomorrow! You heard it here first {^_<}

Profile Image Jon Whitworth , 07/10/2010;

Print a voucher from 2-4-1 London attractions and save £19 when you go with your other half

Profile Image Londonist , 01/07/2010;

Eastern edge, about a third of the way down...that's the old wolf enclosure from the end of Withnail & I.

Profile Image Gitanjali B , 18/03/2010;

Perfect day out on a sunny warm day! Check out the new Clore exhibit opening March 27th!

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Profile Image Will Phipps , 30/01/2010;

The Monkeys Are Coming....Repeat....The Monkeys Are Coming!

Profile Image Vitor Urbano , 28/03/2013;

Food too f**king expensive!

Profile Image Justine , 12/02/2013;

Gotta love these animals!

Profile Image terry mcshane , 22/05/2010;

buy your tickets before u go and avoid the queue

Profile Image The British Monarchy , 26/11/2013;

The Prince of Wales and The Duke of Cambridge tour the tiger enclosure ahead of a meeting of the United for Wildlife Collaboration at the Zoological Society of London's London Zoo in Regent's ...

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Profile Image Aliya A.R. , 11/08/2013;

Best fish and chips in england!!!

Profile Image Eva Amsen , 04/08/2013;

At the Adventure Cafe is a statue of Winnie the Bear - the London Zoo bear after which Winnie the Pooh was named.

Profile Image Anna Soliman , 19/07/2013;

Visit animals first, they sleep early. Eat, drink, mingle afterwards.

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